About EST Building & Hardware

Who are we?

The Hardware and Building Supplies division was established in 2012, following the success of the group in the FMCG market. All businesses within Temblor Trading (Pty) Ltd operate as independent owner-managed organisations, where members have access to a voluntary portion of a 50% shareholding in Temblor Trading (Pty) Ltd. All members are shareholders and dividends are paid based on members’ contribution to annual purchases from preferred suppliers. 

No centralised supplier accounts are run by the group – each member is responsible for its own financial and credit relationship with suppliers.  Members do however benefit from trading terms negotiated at a group level. The team at EST BUILDING aims to make it as economical as possible for the retailer and suppliers to become partners. 

Future plans for the Hardware division include a franchise model which will incorporate elements of common branding and marketing support. 



Managing Director

Louis Greeff, EST GROUP Managing Director is confident that they will be able to repeat the same, if not greater, success in the hardware division than that achieved in the FMCG industry.
EST understands that there is a need for both suppliers and members to do business with associations because it is more affordable. Furthermore, the company recognises that consumers have become keenly aware of competition and are looking at how best to save money.


Group Merchandise Director

Mohamed Varachia, EST GROUP Merchandising Director said their focus is now on sharing knowledge and margins with its members and growing the DIY footprint nationally. 
In January 2013 EST launched its voluntary buying group within the South African DIY and hardware industry. The launch of this DIY group comes on the success created by EST’s food buying group established six years earlier.


Merchandise Director

Rob Suttle, EST Building Merchandising Director ascribes the group’s success to it being a logical choice for independent retailers faced with market exclusion due to chain group pressure.
He points out that EST Building represents the interests of members at all times and aims to achieve maximum benefit on their behalf in terms of business negotiations. This, often time consuming activity, allows members to focus on what they do best – trade, and run their business to satisfy their customers.