Who are we?

The FMCG Division is organised as a voluntary association of member shareholders.  Shareholding in the FMCG business currently compromises:

Devland Cash & Carry (Shiraz Ghatoo and Mahomed Ghatoo), Yarona Cash & Carry (Mohammed Ameen Daya, Ebrahim Amin Delair, Ebrahim Shabir Chunara and Muhammed Ebrahim Choonara), One Up Supermarket (Ajmundien Gaffoor) M Premjee & Sons (Vrajlal Premjee) Woermann & Brock (Jesko Woermann Namibian)  A1 Supermarket (Farried Latib) Louis Greeff (MD Elite Star) and Mohamed Abdul Samad Varachia. The total FMCG members’ base is either defined as Shareholder or Owner-managed members and include independent wholesale and retail operators.  Shareholder members partake in profit-sharing derived primarily from rebates, whilst owner-managed members do not share in group profits and are responsible for payment of a monthly administration fee, based largely on number of accounts held.

A minimum of R3m turnover per month is needed to qualify for membership, and in return, members receive the following benefits:

  • Bulk buying discounts passed onto members and, in turn, to their customer base
  • Significant proportion of trading terms fed back into member base
  • Relentless group focus on input pricing – passed through to members
  • Group expertise in customer (trader) buying behaviour – national and regional
  • Strong group relationship with suppliers
  • Access to the export market
  • Suppliers incentives negotiated
  • Annual trade show
  • Buying interventions held at member stores



Managing Director

Louis Greeff, EST GROUP Managing Director is confident that they will be able to repeat the same, if not greater, success in the hardware division than that achieved in the FMCG industry. EST understands that there is a need for both suppliers and members to do business with associations because it is more affordable. Furthermore, the company recognises that consumers have become keenly aware of competition and are looking at how best to save money.


Group Merchandise Director

Mohamed Varachia, EST Director remains committed to negotiating best possible deals and trading terms on behalf of their members.  EST started as a buying group for FMCG businesses and our members continue to enjoy the benefits of being part of a buying group, whilst still retaining their own identity.  In this tough economic climate our members can be assured of our ongoing commitment to making sure they remain competitive in the market place.

Ben Snyman

Merchandise Executive

Ben Snyman, EST FMCG Merchandising Director said their vastly experienced team in both retail and wholesale and can assist members in optimizing growth and profits within a very competitive trading environment. Through their relationships with preferred suppliers, they can assist members with competitive trading packages and the sourcing of products that best fit their customer profile, giving them a competitive edge against key main competitors.