Annual EST Breakfast Event

The 2016 annual EST Breakfast event was held at Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel to thank the esteemed suppliers of EST for their contribution towards assisting the group with their stellar growth and success over the past years.

Guests excitedly arrived at the Hotel on Monday morning the 5th of December 2016. They were warmly received with great hospitality, early morning beverages and a few moments of casual socialising before proceedings commenced.

EST Directors Louis Greeff, Mohammed Varachia and Rob Suttle were on hand to welcome the attendees and share exciting information with them about the group, its direction and achievements.

The focus of the EST group is on sharing knowledge and margins with members, thereby enabling them to grow a national footprint that currently is impressive by any standard.

EST Building membership grew from 316 to 401 within a year. Suppliers stand at 190 and retail sales topped R11.5 billion with EST now aiming for even greater heights in the future!

EST negotiates favourable trading terms packages with preferred suppliers of quality and reputable products. These are pivotal to the success of EST members and great effort is put into expanding the supplier base all the time.

Members of EST Building all have the freedom to maintain their independence. This enables them to enjoy personal freedom in terms of how they trade whilst simultaneously benefitting from a voluntary buying group that gives muscle to both small and large independent retailers in a market which is increasingly being dominated by major chains.

EST also keeps a keen eye on the horizon and with its transparent and simple business formula aims to consistently benefit its members to reach their optimal potential and thereby to empower the group to expand their DIY footprint exponentially into the Southern African region.

EST understands and promotes the importance of both suppliers and members to conduct business with associations because of the scale of economics involved. It also recognises the pressure the current economic conditions as well as the consumer places on retailers to meet more realistic price points and the important role buying groups play in making this possible.

Notable guest who addressed the audience were Mr Sadiq Jaffer who represented the Department of Trade and Industry and Mr Ebrahim Fakir a Political Analyst who expounded on the political climate in South Africa and the economic future we could expect.

An inspirational pre-recorded video message was sent by Mr Ahmed Kathrada, renowned anti-apartheid activist and a very proud South African, in which he elaborated where South Africa had been and the journey that brought us to where we are today. He emphasised the importance of entrepreneurship and business and the role it must play in the future of the country.

Ultimately breakfast was enjoyedby all who attended and as usual the Hotel did not disappoint with their lavish and excellent buffet.

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