About EST Africa

Elite Star Trading Africa, better known as EST Africa was established in 2007 as a Co-operative Buying Group. The objective was to empower small and independent FMCG retailers. This was as a direct result of the plight of small businesses being dominated by large chain groups who ruled the market to the virtual exclusion of the smaller and Independent players.

Our Core Focus

  • Empower and support independent Building & Hardware and FMCG traders
  • Assist them in achieving their objectives, needs & development goals
  • Ensure our members survive and thrive by engaging with all suppliers and negotiating and overseeing:
    • Fair and equitable trading terms
    • Fair, equitable and competitive pricing (as prescribed by the Competitions Commission Act)
    • Increasing turnover within the current member base
    • Allowing our stakeholders to compete and succeed against Multi-Nationals and Chain stores in both the Building & Hardware and FMCG industries
    • Utilize our independent retail supplier network and nationwide geographic footprint to optimize group spend
    • Resulting in cost savings and higher living standards for both EST Members and the Consumer

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      Our Mission

      To empower the independent Building Hardware retailers in the sector, facilitating job creation and retention, ensuring sustainable growth and their continued survival in a very concentrated market.

      Our Vision

      To be the Building Hardware Cooperative or Buying Group of choice in SADC countries, serving a diverse population who do not always have access to goods and services and in every community possible with the help of all our leading Suppliers.

      Our Values





      Inclusive collaboration

      Service Excellence

      Good Governance

      Legal & Ethical

      Our Core Definition

      No centralised supplier accounts are run by the group – each member is responsible for its own financial and credit relationship with suppliers. Supply Agreements are conducted at a group level, through Head Office whilst Purchasing is done at a store level. As a business EST (Pty) Ltd focusses on improving the trading term packages allocated by suppliers to independent traders and has adopted a transparent business formula allowing both members and suppliers to reach their full potential.

      Our Core Differentiators to our Members:

      • No insight into your finances
      • No access to your tills
      • No meddling into your day-to-day affairs
      • No access to your prices and invoices unless required
      • Highest Dividends & Rebates earnings to Members in its class!

      The EST (Pty) Ltd growth strategy focuses on: 

      • Expanding the member footprint
      • Enhancing warehousing, distribution, and re-distribution capabilities
      • Targeting regional ranging and specialist category expansion,
      • Developing a consummate customer understanding and enhanced customer communication at group and member level
      • Negotiate best-in-class trading terms to optimize profitability
      • Increase sales in Sub-Saharan Africa