Elite Star Trading (EST) proudly hosted its much-anticipated annual Year-End Breakfast at the Lakewood Conference Centre in Ormonde. This event, a cornerstone of our calendar, not only merged the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Hardware divisions but also celebrated our successful partnerships and shared insights from the year.

The event witnessed an overwhelming attendance, a testament to its significance, where we had to use overflow parking to accommodate all guests. The breakfast was conceptualised as a token of our gratitude towards our suppliers, reflecting upon the year’s achievements and challenges.

Our master of ceremonies, Mohamed Varachia, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for a day filled with informative and inspiring talks. James Hodge, the Chief Economist and acting Deputy Commissioner at the Competition Commission, was the first to speak. He discussed the Commission’s expanding role in enforcing binding remedies and supporting small businesses, emphasising the need for a robust competitive environment and inclusivity in online platforms.

The highlight of the event was the appearance of Malcolm Marx, the renowned SA Rugby Hooker, who shared his inspiring World Cup journey. His story resonated well with our audience, echoing the resilience and determination that EST values.

Following Marx, Dawie Roodt, a leading South African economist, presented his views, which included a bold opinion on the closure of the Competition Commission. His perspective provided a varied outlook on the economic landscape, touching upon key global and local challenges and opportunities.

Finally, our CEO, Louis Greeff, concluded the event by expressing gratitude to all involved and reaffirming EST’s commitment to nurturing the micro-economy, especially in townships. The breakfast concluded with guests enjoying a sumptuous meal and departing with thoughtful gifts, encapsulating the spirit of partnership and shared success that defines EST.

 Image Source:  DIY Trade News